Australian Author David Miller, Publishes ‘The eBay Killers’ Early. On Sale from February 21!


Well that’s a bit embarrassing.

Having flooded my mailing list, and social media accounts of friends and family just three days ago with an April release date, I am now proud to let you know that ‘The eBay Killers’ went live and is available for purchase TODAY!

If you’re impatient, you can click here and go straight to the sales page and all the details for how to but either in eBook or hard copy format.

If you’re even more impatient that, here’s the links straight to the publishers:

  • Kindle (or search for ‘The eBay Killers’ straight from your Kindle)
  • iBooks: search for ‘The eBay Killers’ direct from iBooks app on any Mac device
  • Smashwords Bookstore: the World’s Largest distributor on indie books
  • Barnes and Noble
  • Amazon (Hardcopy – there are a range of delivery options)

So, what’s the story about?

Without giving too much away, this is the brief that went up to Amazon and iBooks this morning:

Mike Winters dreamed of escaping his dead-end job and living a peaceful life by the beach. His decision to start an online business unwittingly draws him into the dark world of international cyber-crime with explosive and deadly consequences.

The eBay Killers is a rollicking tale of young love, assassins, suburban swingers, Interpol, bashings, AC/DC, the Australian Federal Police, Captain America, bikers, strip clubs, a stuffed fox named Tyler and the transformation of a leafy Canberra suburb into a war zone.

How did I get it published so fast?

Thank god for the internet is all I can say. It has enabled indie authors like myself to leap-frog the traditional path of pitching a publisher for a book deal. Through a publishing group called Smashwords, as well as the big dog Amazon, I have been able to publish and hit a global market quite easily. There was a bit of messing around with graphics and formatting.

So what now?

I’m on the marketing trail and pushing the book both online and in person.

As a part of the publishing process, I will be having a print run done for book store distribution and the inevitable boozy book launch, which will happen in April.

I’ve started work on the follow-up book on the life and times of Mike Winters, but you will need to read The eBay Killers first to know what in the hell is going on.

Thanks for your understanding for getting hit twice in a week, I think you will love The eBay Killers as much as I did writing it.

I wrote it once in the dedication and I’ll say it again, I love you my beautiful wife. Thank you for all your support and encouragement in writing and finishing The eBay Killers.


The eBay Killers On Sale April 2015

the end

After countless revisions over the past ten months, the final page has closed on The eBay Killers and it is being dispatched to the publishers for final formatting later today.

What started as a ‘Hell yes I can write a novel in thirty days’  challenge evolved into a much larger project as I soon discovered that writing a book was more than just hitting the word count.

From enthusiastically printing out my first draft in May 2014, through a complete revision after I learned that writing in third person is really boring and the endless revisions afterwards, this book writing business is bloody challenging.

What did I learn?

  1. Being able to write quirky posts on the Komodo Paddle Club website after a dragon boat regatta does not translate to writing a novel.
  2. Getting caught up in my own ego after reading online about novelists who hit the big time with their first book is like ordering a million dollar car based on the fact you think you might win the lottery next week.
  3. If you ask someone to review your book, ask for brutal honesty (thank Chicki) and then park your attitude when the feedback starts coming in.
  4. Treat your first book like the first time you went to the gym. While you can see how everything works, you will still need to practice (a lot).
  5. If you’ve invested time in writing, don’t try to be an expert in publishing and be ready to spend some money to make sure its right when you hit the button.

It’s finished, what now?

Firstly, thanks to the friends and family who have stuck with the fact I was writing a book and encouraged me along the way. Nearly a year in the making, it’s taken far longer than I expected. Thanks to my learned reviewers Chicki, Lynn Burnett, Fred Lehmann, Brett Sherd, my brother Andrew and ever-wise sage Gina Chick, it’s time now to hit the button and get on with it.

The manuscript has been dispatched for final formatting ahead of submission to the major online book stores (iBooks, Amazon etc). There will be hard copies available via print on demand from CreateSpace (Amazon).

Will the publishing world beat a path to my door and have a street fight over the global print and movie rights to ‘The eBay Killers’? Possible, but highly unlikely.

Will the book sell more than 100 copies? I would like to think so, but that is all I am aiming for.

Will I get together with friends and family for a boozy book launch? Definitely.

Stay tuned for updates on the book launch, I’ll keep you posted when pre-orders become available on iBooks and Amazon.