Business Blogging

Put Your Blog to Work for Your Business

Do you run a blog in a business niche and need help generating new blog posts? Do you have a company blog but no time to create high quality business content yourself? Do you have business goals (like increased back links or reader comments) that your current content isn’t helping you reach?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, it’s time to bring in a professional blogger to help you keep in touch with your readers or customers.

A business blog can do several things for your company such as:

  • Gather real-time feedback from visitors or customers;
  • Build relationships with customers and industry insiders;
  • Release news about your company;
  • Demonstrate authority status in your niche or industry (which can influence buying decisions);
  • and more.

Should Your Business Have a Blog?

A business blog isn’t right for every company. It depends on things like your target market — are they blog readers? If so, are they an audience influenced by blogs? Are they an audience that actively communicates with companies through blogs? In other words, would they care? If not, the benefits of blogging for your company might be minimal.

If, however, you’re trying to reach a market or audience that does rely on blogs for information, and you’re able to invest time in being proactive with that blog (putting news out, answering questions before rumours have a chance to spread, and actually taking the time to talk to your readers), a business blog might be an excellent marketing and PR tool for your company.

Why Hire a Professional Blogger Instead of Blogging Yourself?

Let’s be honest. Many small business owners, CEOs, or other executives don’t have the time to commit to blogging. Your time is often more valuable to your company when spent elsewhere.

In these situations, hiring a professional business blogger makes sense. While an official company representative is best prepared to answer customer questions or complaints left in comments, there are several things an independent blogger can do for your blog. For example, I can:

  • Turn news releases into more casual announcements directed at customers or potential buyers;
  • Create informative blog posts that will help to attract potential customers to your blog through search engines and build trust in the company (such as through how-to articles);
  • Interview company staff or executives about new products, services, or company news (having interviews give information, answer rumours, etc.);
  • and more.

Whether you don’t have time to manage your own company blog or you simply want to increase the current posting frequency, hire me as your business blogger today.

Professional Blogging Rates

Business blog posts are billed at the same rates as my Business Web content if ordered on a per-post basis or as a set number of posts purchased in bulk. I do not offer bulk discounts.

Those rates include only drafting of the post content — they do not include finding and securing related images, following up on comments, or marketing blog posts through social media services or other means.

If you would like images and comment followup included, you must setup a monthly blogging contract. Rates for contracts will be quoted when details are received (how many comments you want included, how many images, etc.).

Any monthly blogging commitments will be invoiced at the beginning of each month, and there is a three month minimum covering posts, images, and / or comments.

If the bulk rates listed on that page don’t meet your monthly blogging needs, contact me via the form below to request a custom quote (including your needed frequency, type of blog posts required, and estimated lengths).


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