Business Web Content Writing

It’s no secret that a website’s earnings are usually tied to its traffic. More traffic equals more earning potential, and quality business content gives readers a reason to visit more pages, return more often, and spread the word about your site, company, or blog.

You might be able to find cheap Web content writers out there, but that cheap content can actually hurt your bottom line.

Can you afford to lose visitors just to save money up front with one of those low quality, cheap content writing services?

Not if you want to:

  • Maximise your advertising income;
  • Improve reader metrics (more visitors, more page views, longer visits);
  • Build more high quality, natural back links;
  • Use content marketing to drive targeted traffic;
  • Get word of mouth marketing (buzz) going about your business or blog;
  • Stop worrying about stolen and illegally-rewritten content that could put your business at risk.

Now is the time to improve your website’s content by working with a professional blogger and business Web content writer to offer the business articles, blog posts, and resources your visitors want.

Why Hire a Professional Web Content Writer?

High quality business Web content may cost more up front, but it pays for itself over time doing double duty as a resource for visitors and a long-term marketing tool for your website.

Buying cheap Web content often means you’ll spend money or time (which is money) constantly building back links to improve search engine rankings, or on other marketing efforts to make up for that lack of natural targeted traffic.

So stop buying cheap, poor quality business articles, and start realising the true earning potential of your website, whether you’re looking to earn more money, more respect, or more exposure.

Review my rates below, and feel free to contact me about your business Web Content Writing needs.


My rates for business Web content and blog posts listed below assume the client will obtain worldwide first publication rights to any content created. Unless otherwise agreed to at the start of a project, I retain the right to link to the material in my portfolio as a sample of my work (but am not required to do so).

Word Count * Price (ex GST)
Up to 400 words $250
401 – 500 words $325
501 – 750 words $475
751 – 1000 words $600


* Web content requested at over 1000 words is billed at the $600 base rate for the first 1000 words and $.65 per word for anything above that. For example, a 1500 word article would cost $925 — $600 for the first 1000 words and $325 for the remaining 500 words.

Please note that business Web content is not the same as Web copy (such as sales materials, a website’s homepage, about page, or similar text, product descriptions, etc.).

Please see my copywriting / copyediting rates for those kinds of projects. No bulk rates are available.


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